Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Designer Picks: Awesome Origami!

I have always admired folk who can do origami with little or no instruction. It's always been a craft that I find quite difficult to do and never seem to master in any way whatsoever!
I have noticed over the past few years that there has been an increase in artists' takes on origami through lots of different contemporary products.

I have picked out a few products available online that have the spirit of origami in a modern design.

Origami Bear, Paperfolk- Buy me here

Origami Clock, Gifted Papers- Buy me here
Origami Lamp, Kate Callahan Design- Buy me here
Origami House Necklace, Laura des Villes- Buy me here
Origami Ring, Lady Fingers 6- Buy me here
Origami Bird Cushion, Kissen Studio - Buy me here

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