Sunday, 22 June 2014

Monday Musings: Vintage Cross Stitch Patterns

I love looking through old cross stitch patterns! I came across this website where you can download patterns from lots of different publications for free. Happy stitching!  


  1. Hi! I would like to make something for my sister in the style of the first picture (the letters). I know this is a year later, but I was wondering if you knew which PDF on the website you linked contained that pattern and if they had the rest of the alphabet? Sorry for such a late comment, I only started looking now and came across your wonderful blog!

    1. Hi, the top image came from an online web shop called Maison Sajou. Its a French haberdashery that sells quite traditional patterns and materials. I did a little check and unfortunately this pattern is no longer there but if you look in the patterns section you might find something with a similar vintage style that will suit your project. Good luck!